Thursday, 26 June 2014

The day the rain stopped

Phew, what a ride the last few months have been, not much time for dating given what's been going on.

I was transferred in my job to a large international firm with thousands of employees (we had forty odd) and although the job wasn't as involved as my previous role I thought I would stick with it and do my best as maybe it would lead to better things.

It didn't, I didn't (and still don't) understand how the company works, I don't understand their processes, if you ask someone a question about what you should be doing they instantly send you to someone else, like calling the bank helpline when they pass you from department to department without answering your query.

In the first few months I tried really hard to keep on top of things, I worked evenings and weekends for no pay but I still didn't seem to be doing all the things they wanted me to.

I lost heart, I went home in tears one night, I became distant from my family, I haven't seen Dic and Dom for months. Depression I think they call it.

I started making very silly mistakes and the more I made the worse it got, my hands would shake at my desk and I felt sick constantly.

So came the inevitable conversation about my leaving. I chose to resign and started search for a job in earnest, I was pleased to be going but at the same time the single household cannot survive without an income, I was shitting myself.

A month went by an I hadn't been invited to one single interview, then, when searching on twitter I came across the role of office manager for a charitable organisation, and it sounded just like the old job I had previously.

After I had sent off my application I had the "rejection wait" but they called me and invited me for an interview.

I felt the interview went well but it was really hard to tell what they thought of me, but then the next day the phone rang.

They offered me the role, just like that, I was so shocked I cried. After months of beating myself up for not being the type of person who could work in the big impersonal international firm I had found what I was looking for.

Incidentally those big firm types with a (sterling) silver spoon in their mouths and a stick up their behinds are the kind of people I usually cross the road to avoid so I am not sure why I was so concerned about fitting in, I was never going to.

I start my new role in a couple of weeks and am so excited about it! It's a new chapter in gal singles life.

Also after the interview I went to Camden and met sister single for lunch, then strolled around for the afternoon in the sunshine. By the time sister single finished work we decided to get a few beers and go on the musical boat tour which takes you up to london zoo and back.

Whilst aboard we got talking to two brothers, one of which I got on very well with and it resulted in a date, unlike my interview he didn't get the job but more of that to follow...

Until next time

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

To C2C or not to C2C

Dear Readers

I mentioned that I had met a man on the train. Here is the story of how we met.

I had been to a colleagues leaving drinks, for she was going off to pop a baby out! It was a lovely evening although a bit subdued and by eight O'clock I had walked her to the tube and was on my way to Fenchurch Street station to catch my overhead train back to Essex.

I went via the shop in the station and bought myself one of their toasted sandwiches, the New Yorker, the kind of yummy meat that you dare not ask what it is, and gherkins (are New Yorkers the only people aside from me that realise gherkins can go with anything!?)

I settled down in an empty carriage at the back of the train and put my earphones in for the half hour train ride. A cute guy clambered aboard and sat in the chair behind me, he looks at me, I look at him...hmmm cutie!

"Nice dress" he says, I tell him its vintage and only cost me a £1.00 at a bootsale (I don't know why I feel the need to tell everyone that and brag about my second hand clothing addiction) and we start chatting.

I am craning my neck round to talk to him so after a bit I invite him to opposite me, seeing as I am taking up a whole table, a very bold move on  my part as I am never so daring!

We establish that he lives in the same town as me, he is a couple of years older than I am, also works in the city etc etc.

We get off at our station and (we are currently in debate about who invited who) we ended up in the pub directly opposite, it was Friday night after all and it was only 8.30 pm!

We chatted and had a couple of drinks until after what had felt like 20 minutes the bell rang, it was 11pm and time to go home.

We'd discovered that we had some things in common, he came from a large family like myself, we had similar opinions on the most random things.

I surprised myself when I found that I was attempting to flirt to be honest. I was very tipsy by this point.

Oh I nearly forgot the sandwich... and to give him a name, we'll call him Charlie.

Charlie said he was starving while we were in the pub, so doing what any woman with half a baguette in her handbag (not a euphemism) would do, I offered him my sandwich, Charlie, having no shame what so ever, accepted and proceeded to inhale my new yorker.

He wanted to know what was in it and so started the conversation about gherkins and how they are by far the most overlooked pickled treat. He is just as weird as me! Yay!

So when the bell rang and it was time to go home we went outside, him arguing with me about getting a taxi and me saying the walk to my house was short and that I would be fine walking (I won in the end!)

Standing in the village square he pulled me to him and kissed me, one of those passionate kisses with just the right amount of drunken abandon that you don't over think it.

He had already given mE his business card but also tapped his number into my phone and we spent the next day texting back and fourth.

Now due to various commitments on both sides it took a full two weeks to arrange a date, after much back and fourth we finally went out for a date that could never be described as a disaster.

Charlie (drunkenly I am sure) said perhaps we were meant to meet that night, that it could be fate (told you he was weird, but good weird)

Is it really so simple that some things are to be and some things are not to be?

All I know is my date was down to the good old C2C!

To be continued...



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

29 and Feelin Fine!

Today is my 29th birthday. Yes that's correct readers, I only have 1 more year of stupidity before I have to start thinking about growing up.

I did a similar post on my birthday some time ago about things I wanted to achieve in the year, needless to say I haven't learnt to drive or lost the maximum amount of weight that I could ever lose without being classed as an ill person or any of the other things I was so keen on achieving.

This year I don't see the point in setting goals and not achieving them, that's not to say that having goals is a bad thing but I feel like I get pressured into thinking I should be achieving these things, when in actual fact, I just don't want to fucking do them.

Everyone keeps telling me I should learn to drive. I am the most annoyingly terrified passenger you will ever meet. Literally I grab hold of the door at the slightest twinge of a break pad. I am terrible at sitting in a car. So everyone keeps saying I should learn to drive one?! Me, the most uncoordinated person in history. I took a couple of lessons and I can honestly say I hated driving almost as much as I hate being driven. I'm sick of being told that I should learn, that there is no freedom like knowing you can just get in your car and drive away. Where will your freedom get you when you are being cut out of some tin can car after a lorry decides you've had your time in this world? Shove you freedom up your arse and I'll take the train!

So this year I guess my only goal should be to have a back bone and tell people that it is my life and they cannot keep telling me what I should be doing with it, that if "they were me" they could do what they want but they are not me, so they can back off.

On the dating front I met someone on a train two weeks ago, it turns out he lives in the same town as me and we ducked of the train and into a nearby pub for an impromptu date. It was massive amounts of fun, we even had a cheeky snog at the end of the night.

He is lovely looking and our flirty text banter is keeping me very well entertained. Just one snag, we haven't actually made it out on a second date yet. When Gal Single utters the words "well I am busy on Tuesday and Wednesday, oh and Thursday and Friday" you know she really is burning the candle at both ends.

He's made noises about going out on Saturday for a cinema date so I'll keep you updated and will detail the whole meeting if there is something to tell on Sunday.

Until next time